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Achieving today; ready for tomorrow.

Spring 1 Highlights

WOW!  Nursery you have amazed us with the brilliant learning you have done at home.  We cannot tell you enough how impressed we are at how hard you (and your grown-ups) have worked during such a tricky half term.  In the slideshow below you can find just a few of the brilliant things you have gotten up to in the last six weeks.

A huge well done to you all, and a big thank you from us for having such positivity and resilience.  You all definitely have the K Factor!

Mrs Ledger & Mrs Stokes

Minimash Guide

Please see the video below for a brief out line of how to access and use minimash.

Autumn Days...

Across the last couple of weeks the children have started to notice the seasonal changes that autumn brings.  We started this week with an autumn walk around the school grounds and found conkers, moss, snapping twigs, changing leaves, and lots of other signs of Autumn.

We used conkers (and cars outside) to explore mixing different autumn colours, and then used the paintings to practiced our scissor skills to cut out leaves for our autumn tree.

Some of the children chose to complete an autumn eye spy in exploring time, and we've all spotted lots of worms, snails and insects in our new logpile.  Some of the children helped to make a wormery, choosing tools and following instructions to co-operate as a team. 

We've been very busy outside using tools to explore some pumpkins and make interesting predictions about what would be inside.  To finish the week we had a lovely time exploring some bags of straw, and making a scarecrow!

Nursery England

Please see below for the topic grid to kick us off this term.  As always, the ideas the adults have are only ever a starting point.  The themes and topics we cover will develop during the half term based on the children's areas of interest.

I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down!!!

The children have done a great job of re-telling the story of the Three Little Pigs.  They re-enacted the wolf blowing down houses outside, and used straw, bricks and sticks to experiment with different types of building.  We did lots of outdoor construction in the gravel pit and brought our skills inside to make these amazing models of the pigs' houses.  I especially love the co-operation shown where three of our children made houses on the same box!  What a great idea!

Mrs Ledger is our Nursery Class teacher and she is new to our school.  She thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all over Zoom at the end of last term and can't wait to have you in school in September.

Mrs Stokes is supporting in Nursery and is a very experienced Early Years Practitioner.

Mrs Cook and Mrs Tobin will look forward to getting to know some of you over lunch at Nursery Lunch Club.


Hello everybody!  I've been busy at school getting the Nursery ready for you all.  We have lots of lovely areas, toys and activities to play with and explore.  I've added some pictures so that you can start to see how our indoor learning area will look.  I can't wait to see all the amazing things you will make and create once you arrive at school!

I'll add some more pictures, and maybe a challenge or two, soon.

Mrs Ledger

Have a look at the photos of the Nursery.  I wonder if you can spy.....


A pirate ship?

The special stones I found on the beach?

Some musical instruments?

Our lovely new roleplay kitchen?

An area for painting?

A Counting Challenge!

Here are some stones that I found on the beach during my holiday this year.  I wonder if you can count how many there are?

I chose these stones because they each made me think of something interesting - one is smooth, one is black and white, one is stripy, one is shiny (I promise!!) and one has a heart shape on it.  Can you tell which is which?

I wonder if you can find these things in your home?  Perhaps you could play this game with a grown-up or your friends or siblings?

One thing that is smooth

Two things that are black and white

Three things that are stripy

Four things that are shiny

Five things that you love.  GOOD LUCK!

You can see I've been enjoying some books about the seaside as well, perhaps we can look at these together when you come to Nursery?  I'm looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Mrs Ledger

Lots of the children have enjoyed playing with the Russian dolls in our maths area.  We had a closer look at them today and the children did a brilliant job of finding things which were bigger and smaller than one of our dolls.  We also had a think about the very smallest and biggest items that we were able to find.


Can you spot the smallest item in the picture?

It would be great if you were able to use this language at home with the children for a couple of quick challenges...you could compare shoes, cutlery sizes to use bigger and smaller.  Or compare three toys to decide which are the biggest and smallest.


Do you think the bus is bigger or smaller than the magnifying glass?