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Year 3 Brazil

Welcome to our Year 3 webpage.  We are 3 Brazil and we look forward to taking you on many exciting learning journeys as we cover our topics this year.  Have you ever been to Brazil?  Would it be in your Top 10 places to visit?

A summer term change to Homework.

Mrs McCullough will continue to set spellings and hand these out on a Tuesday. Books for reading should also still come to school at the start of the week. The change will be homework tasks which will now be set by Mrs McNamara at the end of the week. This still allows the children the weekend and the following days to complete the learning. The homework should now be returned on a Thursday to allow Mrs McNamara time to acknowledge and celebrate it before the new work is set. Thank you. 


Just to draw your attention to a useful document that will support pupils with the up and coming swimming on a Wednesday morning. The document can be downloaded from the file link below.

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Welcome to the 3 Brazil teaching team.  We are looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing an exciting learning journey whilst you are in Year 3.

Mrs McCullough is your class teacher Monday - Wednesday and Mrs McNamara on Thursday & Friday

We are very lucky to have Mrs Vine supporting us in class during the week.


Summer Term Topic Information

This summer term we have so many exciting learning opportunities that will be taking place including our very own Viking Day with the History Guy. 

Our topic theme is Raiders and Traders and we can't wait to get started, Please take a look at the summer term knowledge organisers for more detail. 

Spring Term Topic Information

Autumn Term Topic Information

Recommended reads for Year 3

KS2 Reading Vipers

Home Learning 

Summer term 

Home Learning 

Spring 1 and 2

Home Learning 

Autumn 1 and Autumn 2

.Meet the Teacher Presentation

Knowledge Organisers

for the Summer term

The summer commences with a block in art where we explore 3d form. This is linked to our topic. Here are the knowledge organisers for the summer to get you excited and inspired about our learning. 

 Y3 Knowledge organisers - summer-updated 2023.pub.pdfDownload
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Knowledge Organisers

for the Spring term

This spring we begin our blocked foundation unit by focussing on Geography. Come with us as we explore South America. Here is the first knowledge organiser for your information. What other knowledge can you find out as we learn together? 

Knowledge Organisers

for the Autumn term

We continue to look at the Stone Age and how it progresses into the Bronze and then Iron Age. We will be studying how the knowledge to create Bronze arrived via Europe and using map skills. We will also be taking a close look at Stone Age using Digimaps. 

In weeks 3 and 4 we blocked our Art learning. The focus was  drawing and we reviewed painting especially colour mixing. We pulled together all our skills to create Cave Art pictures inspired by our predecessors.  

Here are some of our finished compositions. 

Y3 and 4 spellings

handwriting practice cards 

Timetable Summer Term

You will notice some changes this term. This is due to swimming. Mrs McCullough will now be taking her PPA time on a Wednesday morning until 11:00 and then teach for the remainder of the day. Tuesday will remain her SLT management time and Mrs Vine will continue to cover these lessons. 

Mrs McCullough will now be delivering the PRSHE as we will be focussing on relationships and changing me. You will see that French, Music and this subject are timetabled across three potential sessions. Due to the number of Monday Bank holidays and INSET day, this allows for some flexibility and ensures we can rotate subjects so none are not sufficiently covered in depth. 

Thanks everyone. 

Timetable Spring Term

Timetable Autumn Term

Curriculum Overview

..Statutory Spellings Y3 and Y4

At the end of Lower Key Stage 2, it is expected that children will be able to spell these words and apply similar spelling rules to other spellings. In Year 3 these words are taught as part of the spelling weekly and referred to as 'Orange words'. We continue to practice the common exception 'Red words' as well as these are a key element of confident writing. 

Common exception/Red words.

Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2 - Computing and safety online