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Kimpton Primary School

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Teaching Staff

All of our staff are part of a team who lead a curriculum area.  Each subject leader is responsible for leading and developing their subject across the school.  This might involve organising creative days/weeks; leading professional development for staff as well as visiting lessons.  Should you have any questions about any subject area, please visit the relevant curriculum area where you will be able to see details about each subject as well as finding out who the subject leader is.  

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Clements

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Paediatric First Aid Trained 2020

 Mr Ferguson

Deputy Headteacher / Interim SENDCo

Deputy Safeguarding Lead



 Mrs McCullough


KS2 Phase Leader

Mrs Dunk


EYFS/KS1 Phase Leader


 Mrs Marshall

SENDCo (currently on Maternity Leave)

Deputy Safeguarding Lead




Early Years Team

Mrs Ledger

Nursery Teacher
Paediatric First Aid Trained 2020

Mr Hooley

Reception Teacher
Paediatric First Aid Trained 2019




KS1 Team




Mrs Dunk

Year 1 Teacher

EYFS/KS1 Phase Leader

Mrs Thompson-Nash

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Price

Year 2 Teacher








KS2 Team


Mr Dadswell

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Ludbrook

Year 4 Teacher


Mr Chavangthrup

Year 5Teacher

Mrs Gorton

Year 6 Teacher





Specialist Teaching Staff



Image coming soon


Mr Berry

Sports Coach

Paediatric First Aid Trained 2019


Ms Jolly

Peripatetic Music Teacher




Mr Blackshaw

Cornet Teacher 

Mr Gifford

Rocksteady Band Teacher






Curriculum Teams

All of our staff are part of a curriculum team.  In these teams they lead the subjects across the school which might involve organising creative days/weeks; leading Professional Development and also visiting lessons.  Each team is led by an experienced teacher and should you have any questions, they would be your first port of call.  

Core Subject Teams


Mrs Gorton

Ms Forte


Mrs McCullough

Miss Palmer


Mrs Ledger

Mrs Cunningham

Innovation Team

Computing and DT

Mr Ferguson

Mr Chavangthrup, Mrs Vine, Mrs Crellin

Humanities Team

Geography, History and MFL

Mr Dadswell

Mrs Thompson-Nash, Mr Stewart, Mrs Cook, Mrs McNamara

Well being Team


Mr Hooley

Miss Ludbrook, Mr Berry, Mrs Dunk, Mrs Palmer, Mrs Woodthorpe, Mrs Stokes

The Arts Team

Art, Music, Drama and Performance

Mrs Thompson-Nash, Mrs Harbert

Mrs Vine, Mrs Tobin