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Equality Objectives 2020-24

At Kimpton Primary School we believe that diversity is a strength, which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit here. We are committed to ensuring a high equality of education and opportunity for all pupils. Inclusion at Kimpton Primary School is about providing equality and excellence for all in order to promote the highest possible standards of achievement. It also ensures that we recognise and celebrate the differences that exist amongst us, that we treat all people fairly and that we strive to eliminate discrimination wherever it exists. This is a whole school policy – equality applies to all members of the school community: pupils, staff, governors, parents and community members.

Kimpton Primary School is committed to ensuring equality of provision throughout the school community.  To achieve this our equality objectives 2020-2024 are as follows:


Equality Objective 1

Over the next four years the learning environment will consist of a better provision of spaces for small group interventions to support disadvantaged pupils and those with special educational needs and disability (SEND).

Why have we chosen this objective?

In past years the attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils and those with SEND has been lower than other pupils. One way we have sought to address this is by planning and providing small group interventions, however, we are sometimes limited by the spaces available. Furthermore we believe we can improve the suitability of the spaces currently used to make them more conducive to teaching and learning.

Update on Objective Progress (February 2022) 

Over the past academic year, we have set up a staff working party who have met with one of our premises governor, Adrian Lim, to look at how they would like to see the school environment improve and the ways in which we could utilise spaces.

During lockdown we made the most of the time with empty classrooms to create a break out area in the Year 5 classroom and to set up the small dining room (The learning hub) with a screen so that we can use this space as a teaching area.

Timetables are in place for each break out area: the library, the learning hub, the pod and the nook so that these spaces can be utilised fully.  

Update on Objective Progress (October 2021)

Over the summer term we were able to secure funding to purchase a new library cabin for the school.  This was delivered in September 2021 which has given us a new learning centre in place of the old library.  Currently, our learning centre is being utilised for Covid19 Catch Up teaching every morning and then is being used by external professionals to be able to provide counselling and therapy sessions.

Update on Objective Progress (February 2021)

The extra spaces created over the past academic year are being fully utilitised. Over a quarter of the children in school have been using the Learning Centre for Covid19 catch up.  These sessions make use of the room every morning with two counsellors, 1 therapist as well as protective behaviours and a feelings club making the most of the privacy and space in the afternoon.

The Learning hub, Nook, Pod, Dining room and EYFS and KS1 classrooms help to facilitate our RWI phonics programme each morning with over 60 children (3 classes) being able to split into smaller groups.

Update on Objective Progress (Sep 2022)

The extra spaces continue to be utilised for counselling, phonics and additional support work. This year we are further developing our spaces (Learning centre, Pod, Nook, Learning Cafe) to be more inviting and have a greater range of resources that will support learning outcomes. We have also decide to build a sensory garden that will aid children with sensory needs and give them a calm space to self regulate. We are also looking to create small safe spaces in each classroom for children to access. 

 Equality Objective 2

Over the next four years the attendance of disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND will improve year on year and by July 2023 to be in line with the national school attendance figure or higher.

Why have we chosen this objective?

In past years the attendance of pupils and those with SEND has been lower than other pupils. Reasons for low attendance can be complex, however, individual pupils are disadvantaged if due to poor attendance they receive less education than their peers.

Update on Objective Progress (February 22) 

The attendance expectation has been updated into a flowchart for staff and parents to understand.  The attendance ladder from Integrated Services has been shared with all parents and can be found on the school website as it highlights the percentages into the number of days missed.

With Covid19 being a major factor over the past academic year, we have ensured that all SEND children have had access to a school device and where needed, paper packs have been put in place as devices are not suitable for all of our SEND learners.

Staff have adapted Purple Mash provision for our SEND children so that their 'to-do' aren't over whelming.  

Our new SENDCo, Mrs Marshall, has been in regular contact with our SEND families during out second lockdown.

Update on Objective 2 Progress (October 2021)

Attendance has been a high priority since starting the academic year.  All requests for holidays from parents have been denied and these have been followed up with a phone call home to parents.

We have been working closely with the Access to Education Team to ensure that transport was provided for certain groups of vulnerable children.  We have attended specific follow up meetings with the lead SEND Officer Team to support individuals with high anxiety around leaving their parents to attend school.

Update on Objective Progress (February 2021)

The data shows us that there is still work to be achieved in improving the attendance for our SEND and PP children.

Update on Objective Progress (September 2022)

Attendance in state-funded primary schools was 84.4% on 21 Jul 2022. SEND children in Kimpton Primary School was above this with 93.8% and PP children were 91.2%. This will continue to be an area of focus this year, with guidance around attendance  having be sent to parents in their welcome back pack. 

Equality Objective 3

For the range of extra-curricular activities on offer to be adequately diverse to attract equal numbers of boys and girls and the same proportions of disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND that are found across the school.

Why have we chosen this objective?

We offer a range of extra-curricular activities for pupils to attend within and just after school time.  We believe these contribute to a child’s development and are of educational value.  We want to ensure that all pupils can benefit from participating in a club or activity and that the range on offer is diverse enough and accessible enough to encourage participation from all.

Update on Objective Progress (February 22) 

Our sports coach, Mr Berry, and PE lead Mr Hooley, have been reviewing the clubs on offer and have involved the school in School Games to work towards the Games Mark.  As part of this they have been using pupil voice to choose the extra-curricular activities after school.  Unfortunately, these have been on hold due to Covid19, but once we are able, school clubs will be a priority as children haven't had the opportunity to do so many things for so many months.

Update on Objective 2 Progress (October 2021)

This area has started strongly for the academic year 2021-22.  Parents have commented on the wide range of clubs available after school including mindfulness, table tennis, chess, multi-sports and girls football to name a few.  We have also secured an after school provider, Kids Company, who are also strengthening the offer to children and parents by providing cookery club, gardening club and further art activities.  The number of children attending this provision.

Update on Objective Progress (February 2021)

We currently have ?? running during lunch times and ?? clubs running after school.  These are run by our staff and also external providers

Update on Objective Progress (September 2022)

We currently have 16 different clubs running across lunchtimes and afterschool ranging from recycling club, football, netball, rock band, knitting and mindfulness club. There is an equal balance of clubs for different ages and gender. We fund places for our PP children for fee paying clubs so that they are not missing opportunities that others would have access to.