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Kimpton Primary School

Achieving today; ready for tomorrow.


Subject Lead: Mrs Stagg

Inspired with a love of learning

At Kimpton Primary, Geography is brought to life using our creative curriculum.  Each topic is carefully planned to ensure that National Curriculum requirements are met across the school. Our approach to the creative curriculum means that children are given the opportunity to explore a topic in a variety of ways. Children are taught the geographic enquiry skills and use maps, globes and photographs to learn about the world. Children finish a topic with greater understanding of the world and the places in it.  We also understand the need for children to learn about their local area and in key stage one and key stage two the children will be given the opportunity to do a local study.

 Achieving today and ready for tomorrow

Across the school pupils pupil develop geographical enquiry skills. these skills progress from EYFS to Year 6, building children's expertise year on year. We aim for children understand the reasons behind their learning and how it can impact their lives now and in the future. They are able to talk about their learning, the skills they are using and how they might use them in the real world.