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Subject Lead: Mrs. Thompson Nash     

Everyday conversations.....

MFL is about opening the children's minds to other cultures and deepening their understanding of the world.

At Kimpton Primary School,  MFL is taught as a skills-based subject, allowing children to develop their use of vocabulary through everyday conversations. 



Our KS2 children learn French and currently follow the scheme 'Rigolo'. Children can follow the amazing adventures of Jake, Polly and Bof as they discover France through lively interactions and colourful stories. Rigolo meets two key goals for us:

  • It motivates all pupils with fun stories, songs and games
  • It supports the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum in England


French in Early Years/KS1

Learning a foreign language is becoming more prominent on the early years agenda as it has numerous benefits. Studies have shown clear structural improvements in the brains of bilingual people, as well as demonstrating that learning a second language can stimulate the growth of grey matter. Therefore, starting kids off with languages from an early age can give them an enormous advantage. With this in mind, the children in our Nursery class are introduced to French via simple songs, phrases and words. They build confidence and enjoyment as they move through early years and into year 1 and 2.


Whole School Opportunities

Every September, we take part in 'European Day of Languages'. It is a fantastic opportunity to come together as a whole school in celebrating different languages and cultures. Last year, Key stage one children learnt a song in three languages and key stage two designed flags and t-shirts linked to countries around the world. All the children brought in food from their cultures and each class had a tasting session. We had food from many countries including India, France, Italy and even Africa. The children really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot about different countries and where food comes from.


The coverage overview of the Rigolo programme, organised into year groups and topics.