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Kimpton Primary School

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Here you will find a detailed list of different things you can volunteer for.  As a village school, we welcome parents and members of the community who would be willing to donate their time to work with our amazing children. It really does make a difference!

For volunteers who are able to offer a regular time in school, you will need to complete an enhanced DBS check. (The cost will be covered by the school.)

If you wish to get involved, please contact Mr J Ferguson (Headteacher) via admin@kimpton.herts.sch.uk



We would appreciate between 30 minutes to 1 hour a week of your time. You would sit with one child at a time and listen to them read. We provide training on how to support children with reading and how to record the session in their reading record. We can have as many volunteers as possible per class.

Nursery -

Reception - Jane Edmond and Andrea Gibson

Year 1 Jane Edmond

Year 2 Andrea Gibson

Year 3 Pat Flury and Valerie Pollington

Year 4 - Judi Glen and Kim Grey

Year 5 - Louisa Deighton and Valerie Pollington

Year 6 -

Thank you to all our current volunteers


Fitness Club – Daisy Hodgson and Toby Kirk

Netball Club – Emily Shaw

EYFS & KS1 Support – Jane Edmond and Andrea Gibson

KS2 Support - Judi Glenn, Louisa Deighton and Kim Grey

Swimming – Hayley Vine and Helena Sweet

Choir – George Curry

Gardening Club - Andy Morton




Sports Events

When we attend sports events, we are required to have two adults. One of these will always be a member of staff, but it is very helpful to have the second as an adult helper. This avoids taking two staff members out of school. We also offer training sessions for the children before a fixture to support getting them ready and prepared, so it would be valuable if any parents can support or lead this.


Sporting Event

Date / Time


Netball Rally

23rd March  

 Mrs Shaw

Football Tournament


14th March @1:15pm

Reserve date - 22nd March  

Mr Rawlings

Y3/4 football tournament

18th May @1:00pm


Y3/4 Girls’ Football Tournament

25th May @ 1:00pm


Y6 Rounders’ Tournament:


8th June 2023 @ 12:00om

Reserve date 13th  June


Kwik Cricket Tournament

15th  June 2023 at 9.15 at the Harpenden Cricket Club (reserve date 22nd June


Athletics club in preparation for district sports

After school club which can be on an evening of your choice