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Kimpton Primary School

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Hub Groups 


Frogs Newts Red Kites

Miss Ludbrook


Mrs Forte/Mrs Woodthorpe

Mrs Stagg


Mrs Dollin/Mrs Tobin

Mrs McCullough/
Mrs McNamara


Mrs Vine

 Mr Dadswell


Mrs Cunningham

Hedgehogs Dragonflies Foxes Grasshoppers

Miss Price 


Mrs Stokes

Mrs Ledger


Miss Mateo

Mrs Gorton


Mrs Marshall/Mrs Stein

Miss Sharma


Miss Thomas


Kimpton Hub Groups

We have 8 hub groups, named by the children in our school after animals you can see in our village. Everyone in our school belongs to a hub group - including the teachers and we usually meet every other week, carrying out a different activities each time with children from nursery through to year 6 working together.

This helps to build our sense of school community and means that, very quickly, all chidlren get to know one another and support each other on the playground and around the village.

We use our Kimpton Factors as the basis for our hub group activities and through these sessions build skills and values for them to take on the next step of their learning.