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Kimpton Primary School

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Hub Groups

We have 8 hub groups, named by the children in our school after animals you can see in our village. Everyone in our school belongs to a hub group - including the teachers and we meet every other week, carrying out a different activity each time with children from nursery through to year 6 working together.


Squirrels Frogs


Red Kites

 Mr. Ferguson


Ms. Forte

Mrs. McCullough/Mrs. Thompson-Nash


Mr. Stewart

Mrs. Dunk


Mrs. Vine

 Miss. Swinburne


Mrs. Cunningham



Dragonflies Foxes


 Mrs. Stagg /Mrs. Harbert, Mrs. Kinnersley


Mrs. Stokes

Mrs. Meiklejohn


Mrs. Palmer

Mrs. Gorton, Mr. Berry 


Mrs. McNamara


Mr. Hooley


Mrs. Cook


This year our hub group activities are based on our Kimpton K Factor Values: