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Phonics Play

Story Starters Brain Pop

A subscription site which includes phonics games, printable sheets as well as guidance on how to support your child with phonics. 

Be inspired to write your own story using one of the story starters given.

Suitable for KS1 or KS2

Unfortunately this is an American subscription website but it has pages of games/activities relating to all subject areas for each age range.

Suitable for: N, R, Yr 1 + Yr 2


Suitable for:


Learn English Kids Kid's Castle The Grammar Gorillas

Do you like writing? You can create your own story here.

Suitable for KS1 (with support) and KS2.

Within the castle you can play different games - find a zone you enjoy.

Suitable for KS1 or KS2

Split into beginner (nouns and verbs) and advanced (all parts of speech) children can recap grammar learnt in school.

Suitable for KS1 (beginner) and KS2 (advanced)



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