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Kimpton Primary School

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Pupil Parliament

“One School; many voices”


Class Ambassadors (Class Council)

As part of the pupil voice throughout the school, each class will hold an election at the start of the year to nominate two class ambassadors (linked to our class country theme). The Class Ambassadors will discuss with their own classes any ideas, thought or suggestions that they would like to be considered. There are half termly meetings which take place with the headteacher and are led by the two Executive Ambassadors who sit on our pupil parliament to feedback the ideas, suggestions and comments. The Executive Ambassadors are also responsible for feeding back the work of pupil parliament to the school in order to feedback on the progress of any developments.


Eco Team

This is a specific committee who focus on issues around the theme of the environment. Their mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues and ensure that the school is committed to reducing waste and our carbon footprint. There are two presidents of the Eco Team who represent the work and developments of this group at the pupil parliament. Members of the Eco Team apply for their position and are interviewed for this role.

Pupils are at the centre of all we do as a school.

In order to fulfil our school’s vision, we recognise the importance of ensuring that pupils are able to make a positive contribution to the school and wider community. The structure of our pupil voice forums enable all pupils in the school to share their ideas and opinions in order that their views are taken into account when decisions which impact them are made.


The structure we operate also provides leadership and development opportunities for pupils in order to enable them to be ready for the next stage of their education. In order to develop the responsibility of our pupils and give them real life experiences of applying for job roles, a formal application form is provided for pupils to list their skills and abilities. Additionally, pupils must obtain a character reference.

 Pupil Parliament

These positions are retained as responsibilities for pupils in Year 5 and Year 6. The pupils must apply for these roles and attend an interview in order to demonstrate that they are committed and understand the responsibilities that these roles require. The positions for the running of the parliament are the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Other positions are made up of executive ambassadors who feedback ideas and suggestions made by our class country ambassadors and representatives from the Eco and Fair Trade attend parliament. All of these pupils are considered our MPP – members of Pupil Parliament. 

Fair Trade Council

This is a specific committee whose focus is to raise awareness of fair trade. Their commitment is in promoting, supporting and using fair trade. There are two Fair Trade Advisers who represent the team at the pupil parliament. Members of the Fair Trade Team apply for their position and are interviewed for this role.