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TT Rockstars

"Knowing your times tables off by heart is like being able to play a guitar behind your head – it makes you a rock star...a Times Table Rock Star!"

Speak to any rock legends or sports stars and they will tell you about the hours they have spent practising guitar chords and drumming riffs or aiming for goal or serving an ace. It's just the same with times tables – all wannabe rock stars and sports stars need to practise, practise, practise!

So, We say to you: "Pick up your hairbrush and your air guitar and become a times table ROCK GOD!" 

Rock Star Status
When it comes to time tables, speed AND accuracy is important – the more facts you remember the easier it is for your brain to do harder calculations. The quicker and more accurate you are, the closer you get to becoming a Times Table Rock Star or even a Times Table Rock Legend! Use the table below to help you understand your rock star status:

I can answer any times table fact up to 12×12 in less than...

...4 seconds       Number 1 Fan
...3 seconds       Rock Star
...2 seconds       Rock Legend
...1 second       Rock God!


These are the different game modes:


The place to practice is in the Garage. It's just you (sing player) against the clock against the times tables of the week (set by your Band Manager - class teacher).  If you find that these are too hard, do talk to your teacher about changing the settings.

Play in the Garage to get better and better before you perform in front of others. Oh, and you get 10 points for every correct answer!

You need to have a go ten times before it will give you your baseline time.  Keep practising!


TT Rock Stars record their best performances in the Studio (just like a top music star)! It's you against the clock against ALL the times tables up to 12×12!

If you answer 20 or more questions you're a Rock Star!
If you answer 30 or more, you're a Rock Legend!
If you answer 60 or more, you're a Rock God!


The Arena is the place to perform with other bandmates!  It allows you to play against more than one person - it's you against them against the times tables of the week (set by your Band Manager). Who's the best in the band?!

Tip: If you don't feel you're doing well in the Arena, take some time to practice in the Garage.


When you're ready, play in a Rock Festival with bands from around the world. It's you against them against ALL the times tables up to 12×12.