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Kimpton Primary School

Achieving today; ready for tomorrow.


At Kimpton Primary School, we treat all pupils as artists.

Art is taught as a subject where there is no right and wrong and all creations are seen as beautiful. Children use sketchbooks to explore media and record knowledge, opinions, thoughts and techniques to build towards a final outcome. Throughout their time at Kimpton, pupils will explore six main areas of art twice (once in KS1 and once in KS2). These six areas are: painting, sculpture, textiles, drawing, collage and printing. Pupils will develop these skills as they move through the school and they will get a chance to explore them using a variety of different media. Pupils will also build on their critiquing skills as they progress through the years and are able to comment on their own work, work of their peers, and work of a variety of professional artists respectfully and using a range of artistic vocabulary.

Knowledge is just as much of a part of our art curriculum as the skills and pupils will explore one artist in each art sequence they complete. Our curriculum map covers a diverse range of artists from different cultures, places, genders, ethnicities, time periods and artistic movements. It is in this way that our art curriculum aims to help children to relate to the diverse world around them.